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Choosing Plus Size Lingerie - How to Get the Perfect Fitting Bra | SeriouslySensual

This highlights just how important it is to get the right size of clothes, as you should always look good and feel confident in what you are wearing.

Everyone understands the importance of choosing clothes that fit right. Whether too small or too big, choosing clothes that don’t fit will never flatter your body, while clothes that fit do the complete opposite. This highlights just how important it is to get the right size of clothes, as you should always look good and feel confident in what you are wearing.

This is especially true when it comes to choosing lingerie. Everyone deserves to look and feel good in their underwear, but this easier said than done for most people, with a large percentage of women not even wearing properly fitting lingerie - more than 80% of women wear the wrong size of bra!

Why Your Lingerie Needs to Properly Fit

There is nothing we hate more than the idea of a woman wearing lingerie that doesn’t fit. It reduces the stylish impact of sexy lingerie, making it more difficult to feel confident in what you wear. The impact of wearing the wrong size of bra is significant.  

For example, did you know that bras that are too tight can led to tearing of the breast tissue? This leads to sagging boobs, which is something every woman understandably wants to avoid. Not only that, you could face serious pains and aches across the breasts, shoulders, neck and back, while your posture may even take a hit too.

All these horrible side-effects highlight the importance of wearing the right size bra. Thankfully, getting the right bra size is easy enough if you what to do. Check out some tips below for how to get the perfect fitting bra!

Get Your Boobs Measured

We can’t overstate this one enough - get your boobs measured and do it regularly! Changes in weight impacts your breast size, so consider measuring them every six months to a year. Head to a lingerie store and you can easily get a free measurement - it doesn’t take long at all!

If you can’t be bothered with this or are a little shy about having them measured, it’s easy enough to do yourself. You’ll need a tape measure and someone to help read the measurements, after which you follow these easy steps:

Measure the band size - To get the band size, simply measure around your torso at the ribcage just below the boobs. Be sure to hold the tape tight so it’s not too loose, holding it a little bit tighter than how you wear a bra, then breath out and reach the measurement.

Measure the cup size- For the cup size, wrap the tape around your breast at the largest sections. Maintain a straight posture and breath out to ensure the cup measurement is as accurate as possible.

Try on the Bra to Ensure it Fits 

Once you have the right measurements you can buy a bra and try it on to see how well it fits. There are four key areas of a bra to check to ensure a proper fit:

Cups - the cups of your bra should always be filled. Any spaces mean the cup size it too big while bulging indicates the cup size is too small. 

Straps - bra straps need to be adjustable to get the right fit over your body, with cups sitting over the breasts at the right position while the under band sits correctly below.

Underwire - the underwire should always be sitting flat against the ribs and never pushing into any part of the breasts.

Under Band - the under should have a snug fit against the chest and back, never too loose or too tight. You should only be able to fit two fingers under it.


Signs Your Bra Doesn’t Fit

Because it’s so common for women to wear incorrect sized bras there are some noticeable signs to keep an eye out for. We’ve listed them below and solutions to take if this happens with your bras.

Loose or Crease Cups

Your cups should always sit comfortably over the breasts with no gaps or creases. If this occurs, consider moving down a cup size or getting remeasured.

Straps Digging In

If you find the bra straps are constantly digging into your shoulders then it you either have the wrong band size or cup size, or a combo of both. The back band and cup provide most of the bra support, so it the straps dig into you may need to reduce the back-band size and increase the cup size.

Band Riding up at the Back

When a back band is too large it often rides up the back, reducing the amount of support and creating many issues. The best solution is to reduce the band size - if you’re back band stretches to far from the body (over 2cm) it should be smaller.

Band too Tight

The opposite of a loose back band, you probably need to go up a size to ensure a properly fit. The middle hook should always sit comfortably when fasted and the band shouldn’t dig in.

Loose Wires

If the underwire is too loose it won’t sit flush to your body, so if you’re constantly adjusting it to sit properly then you may need to go up a cup size.

Tight Wires

When the wires dig into the breasts the fit is incorrect. You need the wire to sit over and under the bust, never on top or digging into it, so try going up a size for a flusher fit.

Be sure to try out SeriouslySensual’s incredible range of plus size lingerie - you’re guaranteed to find garments that perfectly fit your body!


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