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An incredible guide to the woman's G-Spot | SeriouslySensual

Making a women ecstatic doesn't always have to be a complete mystery. For many years now clitoris stimulation has been considered the only trigger to a women having an orgasm. This was daunting enough for most men but then a physician went and discovered another pleasure spot from within the deeps of the vagina called the G'Spot.

So, it now turns out that when the G-spot is stimulated it produces an incredible kind of female orgasm and some women even ejaculate, better known as squirting. For most men, mastering the G-spot has now been the Holy Grail of female pleasuring.

The G-Spot Explained

The G-Spot i a spongy bean shaped tissue from the paraurethral gland. The actual size of the area is around 8mm in width and it feels rougher than it's surrounding area. When a women is aroused it swells up when the blood rushes to it. The location of the G-spot is one or two inches within the front vaginal wall. (towards the belly button).

How to find the G-Spot 

It's easiest to locate when the women is already aroused and it's swollen. Lot's of foreplay first lads! Whilst your partner is lying on her back place your index finger or middle into her vagina as far as it will go. Then in a "come hither" motion, slide your fingertip along the top of vagina wall until you come across the rougher ribbed area. If you gently stroke it back and forth you will no doubt see a glorious reaction from her.

If you see no reaction then communicate with your partner. Ask her what feels good as you explore the area. Try adding a little extra pressure, sometimes this helps as the G-Spot is actually underneath the skin and not on the surface. Once you have located the G-Spot you can also gently massage the front pubis area on the outside of where you r finger is rubbing on the inside.

You may find that there is not much of a reaction to your hard work. In this case don't be disheartened, some women actually can find G-Spot stimulation uncomfortable. In this case the searching is sometimes more beneficial than the finding and you might find areas of her vagina that are more sensitive than others.

Use Sex Toys

Some couples prefer to use g-spot vibrators or dildos to stimulate the women's G-Spot. The best ones are hard and have a curve int he stem. You can actually find specifically designed Vibrators for the job as they are designed to be just the right length and width for the job.

Most women still enjoy penile stimulation of the G-Spot, so if your one of the lucky nice to have an upward bend then your a luck boy. For other men they have to find a position that allows maximum contact between his penis and her front wall of her vagina. We recommend 'her on top' or 'Doggy' positions to be best.

If your interested to learn more have a read of this article on the Womens G-Spot published on the daily Mail's website >>.


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