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Amazing Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples | SeriouslySensual

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend the day with that special someone in your life.

Whether long-term partners or a new couple, Valentine’s Day offers the chance to share your love, passion, and lust for one another.

But what to do with that special day? Every couple has their own tastes and preferences, so what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day ideas that for couples!

Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas

Bag Full of Kisses 

Write down all the different ways you like to kiss each other, such as passionate, soft, sensual, rough etc., and then place them into a bag or bowl. Then take turns at picking out bits of paper to see what type of kiss you get to enjoy. It is a fun and easy game to enjoy on Valentine’s Day for couples and the perfect excuse for plenty of kissing!

Meal, Movie, and Massage 

The three M's of Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed by every couple! Set out plans for a candle-lit meal, followed by a romantic movie and then finish off with a sensual massage. The effort made making the meal and giving the massage will be greatly appreciated and almost guarantees an amazing night in the bedroom.

Weekend Getaway 

There are fewer better ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a couple than a weekend getaway. Try and organise for there to be no distractions (time off work, babysitter for kids etc,) so you have nothing but each other’s company to enjoy.

Better still, keep it as a surprise for your partner by packing a bag and not telling them where you are headed. The mystery of not knowing will build all sorts of anticipation and the payoff will certainly be well received.

Roses with Future Plans 

Flowers are a cornerstone of any Valentines gift, but there are ways to personalise the gift to make it even better. For example, if you buy your partner a dozen red roses you can attach a small note to each of them or spread rose pettles on the bed to set the scene.

Write whatever comes to mind, with popular choices being 12 reasons why you love them or plans for 12 different days. These plans can be a date night, weekend getaway, going to a concert - anything they might enjoy!

Recreate the First Date 

For those looking to impress with romantics this Valentine’s Day why not try recreating your first date together? That could be going to the restaurant where you first had dinner or going to see a rerun of the first movie you saw (you may need DVD for that though!), or even the place where you first asked them out.

Valentine’s Gift Hamper 

What better way to spend Valentine’s day as a couple than indulging in some gifts? For this we recommend getting a nice box or hamper and stuffing it with gifts that both you can enjoy together. Of course, for us that means some kinky sex toys, massage candles, and maybe a bit of sexy lingerie, but you can always add a few classics like chocolates, romantic DVDs, food for a candle lit dinner etc.

Valentine Vouchers 

Now, some may find the idea of giving out free vouchers cheap and cheesy, but we guarantee it’s a gift that both of you will get to enjoy. Simply dig out a big jar or bowl and start filling it with voucher ideas written on paper. 

Go with ideas you can both enjoy, such as a sensual massage, cooking a fancy meal, 5-minutes of passionate kissing, and even little notes with a romantic message - you’d be surprised how great it is to read ‘I love you so much’ on a little bit of paper!

Do Nothing!

Sometimes the best way to spend the day together as a couple on Valentine’s Day is by doing nothing! The simple act of lazing about and doing nothing of interest is an amazing way to spend together, especially if you have a hectic life with little downtime.

Of course, it helps to add some things to the day, so may go out for brunch, take a lazy stroll through the park, do a movie marathon - or you could spend all day in the bedroom!

Trail to the Bedroom 

If someone finishes work before the other this is a great idea. Start by laying out some rose petals or something similar from the front door leading into your bedroom. Leave a note they can easily see when they get back from work that tells them to follow the trail.

Wait for their arrival and have yourself a great Valentine’s day!


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