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A Plus Size Revolution | SeriouslySensual

One of the most important part of any woman’s wardrobe is her lingerie. With the right lingerie, you look amazing and feel even better, giving newfound confidence that carries into other areas of your life.

Whether wearing comfortable lingerie at work or sexy lingerie for a night out, there are plenty of reasons to invest in quality lingerie.

However, lingerie hasn’t always catered to plus size women. In fact, it was almost impossible to get the same types of luxurious lingerie in plus sizes, limiting the options that most curvy women had when it came to their underwear collection.

This made finding the best plus size lingerie near impossible. Standard sized lingerie is difficult enough to shop for -around 80% of women wear the wrong size bra - so imagine the struggles that many plus size women have gone through just to get lingerie that makes them feel good and look sexy.

It could be argued that getting a plus size bra is even more of a challenge. The wrong size of bra may not flatter your body shape, while a lack of proper support doesn’t only look bad but can even damage your body, especially with bigger breasted women.

For instance, did you know that a bra that doesn’t properly fit may cause tearing on the breast tissue? As if that didn’t sound painful enough, it also leads to sagging, which is why finding a plus size bra with suitable support is a must

Thankfully, plus size lingerie is undergoing a revolution of sorts, making it easier to find appropriately sized lingerie that fits well and prevents any problems. There are now many sexy bras available designed specifically for plus size busts, with strong under-wiring provide necessary support while making your boobs look great.

The cup is also an important part of a plus size bra. Each one should be the right fit to ensure support and avoid an unflattering aesthetic, while the strap must be suitable for your overall body shape. Many retailers are now providing these features in their underwear, making it possible for big breasted women to get a sexy bra that looks great while also giving the right amount of support.

Another great aspect of plus size lingerie becoming more widespread is that curvy women can now find lingerie that accentuates their favourite features. Rather than feeling embarrassed, plus size women can now embrace their best parts and have the option to hide anything they may self-conscious about.

Every woman is different of course, which is why having such a diverse selection of plus size lingerie is so important. While one person may want to hide certain parts of their body, others want to show it off, so it’s great we are seeing such a wide choice of plus size lingerie.

It’s now possible for every plus woman to find the right type of lingerie for her preferences. You can now show off all your favourite curves and feel confident when doing so - which wasn’t always the case. 

Better still, plus size lingerie is no longer exclusive to specialist retailers. Some of the biggest lingerie brands in the world have extensive plus size collections, with virtually every type of lingerie garment now available in plus sizes.

You don’t need to hunt the high street for one store offering these sizes either - you can easily find a plus size lingerie store online. This is very convenient but also important for women that may be too embarrassed to go shopping for underwear - something that is true for women of all sizes, not just those that are plus size.

There is also more information to help curvy women find the right type of lingerie. Size charts and lingerie buying guides are great for explaining the types of lingerie available and what works for each body shape, allowing women to find the best fitting garments that they are comfortable wearing.  

You’ll find explanations of size ranges, suggestions for accentuating certain body parts, and what each style of lingerie offers. There’s a goldmine of information out there for plus size lingerie, showcasing that women off all sizes want to enjoy sexy underwear.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to wear the best lingerie. Feeling sexy and seductive in your underwear shouldn’t be exclusively for skinny people, and it this is thankfully no longer the case. Plus size women may have had to wait longer than most for this but have finally got what they deserve, and now there is no stopping them!


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