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5 Ideas to improve sex with yourself! | SeriouslySensual

Let’s face it, if we’re honest we all masturbate and we tend to do it the same way over and over again. So, let’s look at adding a few new sexual techniques to our armoury that will improve our sex life when we're alone and even more so when we're with a loved one.

We’ve all heard the scary stories of how easy it is to fall into a boring routine in our sex life, so what make your sexual relationship with yourself any different?

Solo sex tends to be limited to one style of masturbation; as we know it works, we tend to stick to it religiously. Now we understand it get’s the job done but adding new techniques will make the daily experience so much more satisfying and take you to new heights! So, this is why we’ve put together what we think are the top 5 ways to spice up your sex life with yourself!.

1 - Explore your body

Similar to partnered sex, masturbation it focused on the genitals. This is where we may be going slightly wrong. We forget to explore our entire body and it’s many erogenous zones it has on offer. Some ‘alone time’ is the perfect time to enjoy it’s sensitive spots. Relax, get comfy and slowly run your hands over your body, from head to toes, taking a mental note of the areas that get you most excited. To give you a little tip, think about where people generally get their body pierced as they tent to be erogenous zones, such as ears, eyebrows, nostrils and lips. Other nerve-rich areas on the body include the neck, nipples, thighs and behind the knees. There’s no need to stop there though, try areas of your body that you wouldn’t dream of trying, such as your scalp, armpits and spine.

Then finally it’s time to focus on the more obvious places but with a slight difference. The clitoris isn’t the small external area you can see, try and touch under the labia to stimulate the clitoris, then investigate the feeling of your finger running back and forth on the G-Spot, the front wall of the vagina. We’re pretty sure you’ll need to take arrest after you’ve worked your way through this lot.

2 – Increase the potential of your sex toy chest

You're probably thinking this is an obvious one, but experimenting with a sex toy or the first time or possibly a new type of sex toy that you’ve never tried before can introduce a whole new dimension of sensation when your playing with yourself. Ideally we suggest you find a toy that is versatile so you can experiment with it in many different ways until you find what works for you. We suggest you try a sex toy such as the Fifty Shades Darker Oh My USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

It has a dual benefit of the pinpoint clitoral stimulation with exquisite internal intensity, the Oh My rabbit creates thrilling blended sensation for spellbinding ecstasy. A sculpted shaft shadows your body's contours, tipped with a curved taper to escalate G-spot pressure.

For you out there who already have a toy or two, try and expand your horizons with a little gentle bondage with the Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Pinwheel. This is a simple design, perfect for all levels of sensory experimentation.

For the more advanced of you, try and think outside of the box a little. You don’t always have to use the toys the way they may be presented to you. For example a clitoral vibe that’s meant for the g-spot can also be used all over your body. Depending on the materials you can experience temperature play with glass dildos such as the Icicles Romantic Rose Glass Dildo No 12

So, try and place the dildo in warm or cool water and then try running gently over your skin to begin with and then go for your more erogenous zones. Oh by the way, don’t forget the lubricant if your wanting to enjoy more internal satisfaction. Remember if your using silicone toys then you mustn’t use silicone lube as this will melt the toy. Water based lube is generally best for all occasions.

3 – Turn it into a Full Body Experience.

Masturbation isn’t only about the touch. There are other senses you can introduce into the experience. Tease all of your senses; your smell with scented candles such as Melt My Heart Massage Candle - Wild Strawberry

flowers and fragrance sticks; your sight with exotic videos and erotic lingerie; your taste with sweet fruits, edible body paints such as the Poême Body Paint - Wild Strawberry and tasty chocolates; your touch, use beautiful textures against your body such as lingerie and scarfs and ties. All of these will lead to a heightened state of stimulation.

4 – Get a little kinky

The recent films Fifty Shades of Grey has been successful in highlighting BDSM and kinky play. Although it’s important not to forget that kink doesn’t always need to be involved in a partnered activity. Increase your sensitivity and excitement with feathers and ticklers to increase your skins sensitivity. Try the Fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

 For the more experienced you can try some self bondage. If your new it’s best to avoid bondage equipment that you could find hard to escape from. The last thing you want is being caught in a compromising position. Silk ties will work perfectly for your sole masturbation session but still easy to undo when playtime is finished.

5 – Keep your partner close

Although masturbation is normally seen as a sexual act for just one person it can be even more exciting with your partner. Mutual masturbation can be incredibly erotic when shared with your partner. It’s a great way to let me see how you masturbate so they can then give back to you the next time you have sex. You can also guide your partners hands to allow them to experience how you touch yourself during masturbation. Notice the small things such as their breathing, the different sounds and the way their body reacts to the touch.

You now have 5 suggestions to help you improve your special alone time. ;-) 
Remember to make it enjoyable and not a task and each time learn something different that you can take with you to make it even more enjoyable for the next time.


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