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5 Best Celebrity Underwear as Outerwear | SeriouslySensual

Underwear as outerwear is one hell of trend that’s exploded this season, it’s everywhere. Celebrities are driving this fashion, in particular the Kardashian sisters, Taylor Swift and Maria Carey.

Now although this is extremely erotic it doesn’t have to mean you're exposing your bottom. It’s all about the tease and hint of flesh. It’s the tease of sheer fabric and see through lace and if you do it properly you can can make it look classy and very sexy indeed. We’ve put together 5 outfits worn by celebrities alongside 5 products that will help you achieve this look.

1. Bralet worn here by Taylor Swift

Bralet worn here by Taylor Swift

When worn as a top or under a sheer overlay, bravest can look stunning and when sheer very erotic. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift love this look on and off stage because it’s so versatile.

During the day it can be dressed down with some sexy tight jeans or with so comfy tracksuit bottoms. For night-time bralets look amazing under semi opaque tops and dresses where you can show off a little more skin. You have the choice of lace or satin when it’s more of a dinner date. If you want to look a little more seductive they can look great under a suit. Buy your bralet today here >>

2. Lace body worn by Khloe Kardashian

Lace body worn by Khloe Kardashian

Although the idea of wearing a body or teddy in public can be daunting to most people it does’t have to be. Generally teddies tend to be see through and revealing when worn on their own, however they are worn under some jeans as a beautiful top they can be beautiful.

However, they don’t have to be worn as a top all the time, you can try wearing one under one of your dresses or what about one of your stripy tops so that it is just noticeable? One other celebrity that loves a teddy is Demi Lovato who wears it under a suit. We think that the teddy and trousers makes a sexy statement for an evening outBuy your lace body today here >>

3. Camisole worn here by Kim Kardashian

Camisole worn here by Kim Kardashian

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The good old Camisole is a hit right now. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have recently increased it’s popularity since wearing them with tight mini dresses on the red carpets and leaving nightclubs. Camisoles are not just for the evening wear though, they can be dressed down with a plain t-shirt and roughed up with the pairing of some skinny jeans and black leather biker jacket. If it’s the killer evening attire look your after then just dress it up with a  stunning choker and high heals! Voila! Buy your camisole today here >>

4. Fishnets worn here by Mariah Carey

Fishnets worn here by Mariah Carey

When you're looking to grab little more attention from the crowd, try fishnet stockings. The a sure thing!! The amount on attention will be determined by the amount of fishnet on show. They tend to show off your legs whilst still giving cover. They can look super sexy under dress and skirts, Mariah Carey just loves to show off her super sexy legs in her fishnets, both on and off stage. you can find fishnet bodystockings that you can wear under jeans that tease an tantalise along with a denim jacket. A cheeky option but a hot one! Buy your stockings today here >>

5. Corsets worn here by Kim Kardashian

Corsets worn here by Kim Kardashian

Corsets are an old classic when it comes to wearing them on the outside. They were created to give a form to your figure and sculpt the curves. The corset visual creates a small waist and exaggerates the hips and pushes out the breasts, which as we all know goes down a treat with the opposite sex. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are notorious for the big bottom and hips. When you're not the most confident, why not place it over smart crisp white shirt and some high stilettos, you’ll look stunning. Buy your corsets today here >>


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