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25 Ways to bring the passion back to the bedroom | SeriouslySensual

The sad fact are that over 50% of married people and couples in relationships are unfaithful to their partners and to make it even worse the numbers are growing, especially in the 20-30 age group. The most obvious explanation for this is that the intimate moment becomes a routine within long relationships.

The ultimate guide to spicing up your sex life

Now, why are we presenting you with this depressing fact? Well we want to help reduce that number. Why look outside your relationship when there are many things you can do to invigorate your existing relationship. We’ve created a list of 25 different ideas that will re-invigorate your sexual relationship. So here they are:

1. Tease and tantalise your partner

Teasing your partner is one of our favourites, when wanting to spice up your relationship in the bedroom. It’s a very simple solution… just start to kiss and caress for longer periods and in no time at all you’ll be surprised to see your relationship flourish and re-ignite.

2. Use a little aggression

You might think this sounds strange but informing your lover of your fantasies and turn on’s in the bedroom will attract them more than ever. Confidence will turn her on, time after time. It might be you want try something new such as little light bondage.

3. Have more intimate time together

There isn’t anything as sexy as that intimate moment together with your lover.
 Whether it be, reading a book together in bed or cuddling up to each other, entwined, you’ll feel the closeness, it’s addictive. You wait to see the huge positive effect this will have. One great suggestion for this is a slow sensual massage. Our massage oils and lubricants will enhance this experience >>

4. Use a little technology

Some of us feel uncomfortable showing our sexy side to our partner so instead feel free to use a little technology to create a little distance. Why not do some 
‘sexting’ or send some naughty emails informing your lover of your deepest, naughtiest fantasies and some suggested role-plays you’ve been thinking about. You'll find some sexy costumes close to hand can enhance the reality. >>

5. Play to your mood

This is a popular nightmare, where you find yourself wanting some intimacy but your partner doesn't and vice versa. Concentrate on aligning your moods so you both feel like being intimate at the same time. Music can be great to get you both in the mood. Try our sexy playlists that we’ve created for this exact reason >>

6. Share your feelings

This is such a simple one and often overlooked, give it a go with your lover. Just before bedtime, approach your other half, whilst standing close, gaze into their eyes and undress them slowly. Whilst you do this, compliment them on how beautiful they look and what your favourite body part is. You’ll be surprised on how far a compliment will go.

7. Can’t beat a 'red wine and chocolate' night

The great thing about chocolate is that it contains phenylethylamine and serotonin chemicals that stimulate a pleasurable feeling in the brain. So, next time you're making a romantic dinner together, finish off with a beautiful bottle of red and some yummy chocolates. Foods that enhance your libido >>

8. Create some rules for the bedroom 

We know what you’re thinking! Rules are impossible to keep too but if you create some rules for the bedroom you’ll definitely avoid it from sliding into a routine. For example, no TV, no smoking or maybe even avoid using the same position more than twice in a week. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy but the rewards are ten fold.

9. Deal with relationship issues

It’s actually more popular than you might think! Outstanding issues in your relationship can contribute to lack of sexual intimacy. Talk openly about any small issues that might be playing on your minds and if necessary, a sex therapist may be exactly what you both need to improve your libido. Don’t be shy!

10. Introduce games

There are several well know games such as ‘Truth or Dare” where the looser has to tell a truth or either play out a dare. These always add a little fun into the bedroom. There are also games that are aimed to please such as, sexy dice. SeriouslySensual offer a wide range of fun games to spice up those intimate moments.

11. Don’t let your emotions escape you

This is harder than it sounds, try and put your partners mood ahead of your own. Try sacrificing your mood for your partners and when your partner makes you feel great and vice versa you’ll not be disappointed. It’s amazing where this can lead.

12. Be at the mercy of your partner

Teasing and tantalising is great when restrained. Why not use restraints such as Universal Cuffs to tie your partner down whilst you tease her with a feather
And if that doesn't work, try a full body massage, another great way to get your partner begging you to stop.

13. Tease with a preview of what’s to come

This can apply to most situation in the bedroom. Sexy lingerie is ideal to tease and preview what’s to come. We stock many styles of lingerie that will reveal just enough to get your partners blood boiling. Once you’ve found something to wear, why not whisper what you're going to do to them later. It’s amazing how horny you’ll feel and how you'll both need to hold back your desires.

14. Make a connection

Some old fashioned chemistry always creates a sexy environment. Explain what made you fall in love with them whilst keeping direct eye contact. Tantric sex is an amazing way of creating a feeling of intimacy. This is something you can perfect with your partner time after time. You’ll not get bored of this one! Check out a great blog article on Tantric Sex here >>

15. Stranger Sex

This is a great one to try. It can be as imaginative as it can be true. Pretend you don’t now each other and that you’ve just met in a bar. This can either begin out in town or you might start from when you arrive home. This can be extremely erotic; it’s down to your imagination. If you want to be a little more romantic, then why not remind each other of the first time you met or your first sexual experience with each other.

16. Try some seafood

Yes, we did say seafood. A little strange to hear but scientific research proves that sea-food contains mino acids that trigger sex hormones. Take your partner out to a restaurant for a delicious candle lit date, or just stay in with a bottle of white wine and enjoy the effects of each others hormones.

17. Create the perfect atmosphere

A sexy atmosphere at home will definitely enhance the moment. Candles are a sure thing for this, a low light and beautiful aroma goes a long way to getting you in the right mood for love. Check out SeriouslySensual candles here >>

18. Adult movies

Instead of the standard tacky sex therapist movies, nowadays you have open access to adult movies on the web without having to go to your local rental store. From the privacy of your own home you can find whatever movie turns you on. Talk to each other and ask what each of your turn on’s are. You never know.. you may be surprised what new fantasies you'll discover.

19. Give your libido a lift

We all suffer from a dose of low libido from time to time. Why not try Chinese natural herb remedies to increase your sexual appetite. The Daily Mail wrote a great article on more ways to revive a lifeless libido

20. Wear the right clothing

Wearing the wrong clothing in bed is a definite turn off, especially when you have so much to choose from. We’re not saying you have to wear anything at all but if you do, then at least make it sexy. SeriouslySensual offer a wide range of sexy nightwear that will definitely make it hard to sleep.

21. Don’t be in a rush

It’s important in many ways not to be in a rush to get intimate. You need to prepare yourselves emotionally and physically for that intimate moment. Being clean, smelling nice and looking presentable plays a huge part in creating the right mood. Firstly try some sensual kissing and touching before rushing into anything. It’s amazing how this can enhance every minute spent together.

22. The right sounds

Sexy songs and love songs will create the perfect atmosphere. Leave all the work and family worries behind and play some soft sensual music, this will allow you both to concentrate on the moment in hand. Everyone is different and finding the right songs can be a long tedious process so we have created several sexy playlists that might make this easy.

23. Be in the moment

It’s hard enough to relax with all the stress in the world such as mobile phones and emails. You need to try and concentrate on the job in hand. Turn off your computers and phones to avoid any unwanted interruptions. If you have children make sure they are asleep so you can spend some uninterrupted quality time with your loved one.

24. Have the right bedding

There’s nothing worse than dirty old bedding to put your off your game. Make sure you have fresh new bedding that smells wonderful and feels even better. If possible ensure your bed is comfortable and doesn’t squeak, as this can prevent you from relaxing and becoming comfortable.

25. Positions

When it's getting a little slow in the boudoir, or you feel like having some frolics outside the bedroom, then this is the place for you. We have plenty of sex positions for you to enjoy, but to help you choose the SeriouslySensual team have put together a selection of our favourite sex positions.

Now, first and foremost remember not to be selfish as this is the biggest turn off. Keeping the flame ignited takes effort from both sides and as long as you both communicate clearly with each other it should come naturally. With good communication you’ll avoid any friction and each of you will stay happily satisfied. Enjoy!

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