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15 things to remember before men hook up with girls with big boobs | SeriouslySensual

Points to remember:

1. We know they’re mesmerising and right there but please try and focus elsewhere. We really can’t help our magnificent mammaries, but we can help our intelligence, sense of humour and wit – so think before handing out a compliment. 

2. Think twice before treating us to some large cup lingerie sets. You’ll probably not know this but we’ll be needing something underwired and you have hundreds of different sizes and shapes to choose from. A size DD isn’t as big as you thought. Just ask us to come with you. ;-)

3. Just because there’s more of them doesn’t mean they turn us on more. You’ll be surprised to know that sometimes, bigger boobs are less sensitive than small boobs. We have other parts of our bodies that are way more sensitive… try and explore a little.

4. Other women can be just as obsessed with big boobies as men. That’s right, you heard us correctly, men may stare us at continuously but women will come over and chat, they’ll even ask for a little squeeze. Just something you’ll have to get used too.

5. Just because they big doesn’t mean our nipples are too. You’ll find some big boobed women have big nipples and some don’t. The best thing to do is just act surprised either way.

6. Don’t make us hurry to somewhere. If you don’t know already we can’t run anywhere, so please don’t try and make us, just for the kick! Read this article by the Mirror >>

7. It’s inevitable, out bra will end up on your head. It’s just a fact.

8. On holiday we’ll end up more tanned on our fronts than our backs. You try lying on two giant watermelons. Read this great article about when is topless sunbathing ok >>

9. Don’t get all shy when we start fondling with them. These big giant squidgy things are our comfort blankets and it just feels lovely whilst watching a bit of TV.

10. You might even build up some muscles. They can be quite heavy!

11. We’re adjusting not caressing. Sometimes in public an underwired bra needs a little alteration. It’s not some breast caressing show.

12. We’re not stupid, we know you want to put your penis in between them.
 And we may even allow you too but please don’t make it a daily request!

13. We might occasionally complain about clothes just not fitting. Yep, some tops fit the bottom half but not the top half. Oh if only we could enjoy a sexy backless top.

14 . You’ll find bras strewn all over the house. You won’t understand this but this is because when you’re behind closed doors it’s just heavenly to take them off.

15. Minimiser bras do exist. Sometimes we just need to where a top that the fashion industry forgot to include us in on.

Now we're pretty sure there are many more... so please tell us other good pointers to remember when dating girls with big boobs.


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