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One of the biggest misconceptions about sex toys is that they are all for females. Once upon a time this was mostly the case, with the only toys suitable for men being those that can be inserted into the anus, which is pretty unfair as these can be used for females too! Thankfully, male sex toys have come a long way in recent years, with a wide range of male-exclusive toys now available.

Male Masturbators for men

Whether using solo or with a partner, male masturbators are a great toy to have in your collection, and we guarantee the results will not disappoint! Here at Seriously Sensual, we have an extensive range of male masturbators, one of the most common and popular male sex toys. A male masturbator is a male sex toy consisting of a soft, skin-like sleeve where the penis is inserted. When wearing the sleeve, the man simply masturbates as he normally would for added stimulation and one incredible climax. Male masturbators come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are meant to closely resemble the vagina, while others feature unique designs with very pleasurable textures that offer an amazing time when worn.

Buying male masturabators such as Fleshlight.

Affordable, discreet, and easy to clean, male masturbators are a must-have for any guy looking to have an even better time from masturbating. Perhaps the most famous example of a male masturbator is the fleshlight. Designed to resemble a flash light (hence the name), a fleshlight has some of the softest internal materials that are about as close to the real thing as you will get. Better still, not all fleshlights are modelled after a vagina. There are mouth and anal fleshlights available too, meaning you can have quite the collection of male masturbators! We’ve got a range of popular fleshlight products, many of which are moulded after famous porn stars, meaning you can enjoy some special alone time with your favourite adult film actresses. Fleshlights are the best-selling male sex toy in the world, and considering how much they improve masturbating, its easy to see why!

How to find the perfect male masturbator online at SeriouslySensual.

Of course, fleshlight is only one brand of male masturbator, and there are plenty more available at SeriouslySensual. Tenga Egg masturbators are one of the rising stars in the world of male sex toys, offering a compact masturbator sleeve that is perfect for travelling with. The Tenga Egg store a flexible sleeve which comes with a variety of textures to suit all preferences. The ridges and bumps inside offer a great enhancement when masturbating, and while the masturbator may look quite odd, we guarantee it feels incredible! Masturbator cups are a similar type of male sex toy. These male masturbators are generally much smaller than others, functioning much the same as any other sleeve masturbator. They fit inside of a compact cup for discreet use on the go, and usually have textured insides with a harder outer casing for protection. Whether using as a solo toy or as some kinky foreplay, male masturbators are a fine addition to any sex toy collectiion. Check out our great range of male masturbators here at SeriouslySensual!


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