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Sex toys for men: Who said toys are only for kids? We certainly didn’t...

Who says you need to stop playing with toys when you become an adult? Seriously Sensual believes that we’re all entitled to have some fun with toys as we get older, and nothing can bring more fun to the bedroom than the introduction of some male sex toys. Most gents assume that sex toys are just for women, and while the majority are designed for women, there’s nothing stopping the guys getting in on the fun too!

Mens sex toys - Introducing the best adult toys for men into the bedroom.

Think about how much fun you can have in the bedroom by introducing a sex toy into the mix – it’s a sure fire way to turn the heat up! So why should the toys be for her pleasure only? There are plenty of new and innovative designs out there for guys to enjoy sex toys, and now is the time to try them out. We guarantee you that these toys will blow your mind, so don’t be scared to experiment and try new things - you really won’t regret it!. After all we've been using them for years, as the Daily Mail reminds us >>

So what types of toys are out there for guys to enjoy? There are quite a few, and it depends on what types of experiences and pleasures you are looking to explore. There really is something for everyone and it could be a toy for yourself, or something for your partner to enjoy in the bedroom, no matter what, you can be sure of good times ahead should you invest in one of these!

Introducing the male cock ring

A cock ring is the perfect sexy toy for both males and females. Nothing will bring you passion closer or give you both simultaneous pleasures than cock ring. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, all of which aim to help heighten sex for both him and her. Cock rings have been around for quite some time now, and come with type the reputation – why else do you think they have remained so popular for all these years? For those who haven’t tried a cock ring, they really do not know what they are missing out on. Depending on your model, it can be made of leather, silicon or rubber to name a few. The ring is vibrating, coming in different levels of strength, aimed at heightening pleasure for both partners. The ring is placed at the base of the penis, where it goes to work, helping to give a better erection and one that can last much longer! It doesn’t stop there, as this is the basic use for a cock ring, as we said; things have been getting better, so there is even more pleasure to be had when using different types! The vibrating sensation can help to stimulate your partner, with many coming with additional sections, such as clitoral stimulators. You can expect a longer, harder erection, as well as unprecedented levels of pleasure and enjoyment for everyone involved!

Male Masturbator or Realistic Vagina?

Male masturbator toys are fast taking over as the most prominent male sex toy out there, and sorry girls, but this one is just for the guys. That’s not to say you can't bring one into the bedroom to help spice things up a little, but we can’t deny that these are the perfect toy for that special alone time we all enjoy.

Fleshlight masturbators are probably the best example of a male masturbator, and are the number one sex toys for males in the world – so they must be doings something right! The material is a close guarded secret, but you can be sure it is something that is incredibly soft and enjoyable. There are many different designs for Fleshlights and other types of male masturbator toys, such as artificial vaginas and dolls.

These are all modelled off real vaginas and give the most realistic equivalent to the real thing. Whether you want to practice making yourself last longer, or just want to take masturbation to the next level, male masturbators are the way to do this. You can find your favourite porn stars signature series in Fleshlght. For those who haven’t tried anything like this before, you can start with a basic model to see if they are the thing for you, but we will be confident in you returning for upgrades and accessories in no time.

Prostate massagers that tickle the G-Spot

Prostate massagers have been scientifically design to give you a truly mind blowing orgasm. These work fantastically with a partner or by yourself if you prefer, but the one thing you can be sure of is that you will not regret trying this out. Many may be unsure of trying something so invasive, but as soon as you give it a try, you will honestly wonder why you haven’t been doing it longer – it’s that good.

As with most toys, you can find different levels and variations of the prostate massager to suit your specific needs. Is this your first time trying one? We have the ideal toy to ease you into the exciting pleasures ahead, and for those with more experience or just looking to let their wild side out, there is plenty of choices here for you too. There is reason that prostate massagers are so popular – because they are THAT good at heightening your orgasm.

When men hear about the G-spot, one thing comes to mind – earth shattering orgasms. That’s possibly the best way to describe finding the G-spot; it’s the Holy Grail for men seeking to give their woman the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. But what if we told men also have their own G-spot? Think about the eruptions of pleasure she has had at the hands of her G-spot, as you can image, men’s own equivalent can do a pretty good job of giving you an orgasm like you have never had before.

The prostate is located between the penis and bladder, meaning the only possible way to reach it is through the anal cavity. While this may be off putting for some, there really isn’t anything to worry about, as it only takes a few inches to find this, and when you do, it’s all about massaging it. Anyone who is adventurous in the bedroom will know that the best way for any fun involving the anus is to be relaxed and calm, and things will be much more confortable. A little lubrication will also help this! So all you need to do now is buy your very first prostate massager.



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