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Womens sex toys: Looking for intense pleasure like nothing you have ever experienced?

Look no further than SeriouslySensual’s female sex toy range. With something for everyone, you can be sure that our wide variety of sex toys can ignite passions in the bedroom with your partner or simply enhance stimulating yourself like never before. Whether you have never tried out a sex toy and fancy experimenting with something new, or you have like what you tried so far and are looking out for something different, you can be sure there will be something here to suit. 

Womens adult toys.

There’s no reason why your private time cannot be made that bit more excitable, and purchasing something from the female sex toy range will truly increase passions in your life. Those who want their orgasms to be as intense as possible should be on the lookout for a sex toy, as they can certainly get that job done.

With so many different types of toys that stimulate you in a variety of different ways, there’s every reason to try out something new to see just how much it could add to your sex life. There is something for every occasion, such as sex with your partner, which can be ramped up to exciting new levels with the introduction of any different number of sex toys. With so many shapes, sizes textures and purposes, you can be sure to find something to blow your mind

Sex toys for women

So which toy is the right one for you? It all depends on what you are hoping to achieve really. Is this something to introduce into your sex life with a partner? Or do you want something to use by yourself? Either way, there will be a sex toy here that for your needs, and if you are unsure, why not try a little experimentation to see what you like – until you do, you never will know what you might enjoy! 

Dildos – Dildos are penis or phallic shaped sex toys that can be made in a range of different sizes, using numerous materials to help achieve the best feeling textures possible for pleasure. Dildos do not vibrate, and are intention for insertion, where they can help to increase stimulation and heighten orgasms.

Silicone is the most popular material used, although metal and glass are also popular, and often used on different styles to help create a real variety for everyone. The sizes also come in many different forms. You can go large or small, the choice is down to you, which is why it is great that so many different styles are out there, as you can be sure to find something appropriate just for you.

Dildos can be uses as a strap on too, for those who want to share their toys with a partner. You can get the likes of double ended dildos, and specially shaped ones aimed to help stimulate the G-spot when inserted. Thickness can also be changed to suit, as length is often not the only way to heighten the experience. 

Vibrators – Vibrators come in so many different shapes, sizes and designs you may not even know where to begin. A lot of women like to try their hand with something small and simple, such as bullet vibrators. These are smaller in size and can be used with a partner during sex our when masturbating. Clitoral stimulation is the main purpose for these bullet type vibrators, and many other vibrator variations work on this same area. Clitoral stimulation during sex or alone will help to reach orgasm quicker, making it that more pleasurable.

Classic vibrators tend to be more phallic shaped, and some look more or less like a dildo, especially if they are moulded from a real penis. You can both insert these for the vibrating sensation to work, or used the vibrator on for clitoral stimulation much like a bullet.

Some aim to achieve both of these stimulations with one toy. Commonly known as the bunny vibrator, these are specially design to heighten simultaneous pleasures. The ‘bunny ears’ are the external part that continues to stimulate the clitoris while the rest of the toy is used to pleasure the vagina. This type of sex toy has become very popular due to its completeness – it stimulates to two most important areas for reaching orgasms.

Love Eggs – Also commonly known as jiggle balls, these are fast becoming one of the most popular types of sex toys, not only for their pleasure giving experiences, but how they can actually help increase orgasm intensity long after they have been used!

Love eggs are inserted into the vagina, and works in a way which the muscles in your pelvic floor are strengthened. But why would you even want to do this? When having sex, a stronger pelvic muscle means a tighter vagina, and it can also help make orgasms more powerful and mind blowing. The perfect way to make your sex life that bit better.

Vibrating eggs can be used with a hand control, which has full control over how strong the vibrations are. This can make for fun times should you hand over the power to your partner. As these eggs are discreet in sound and appearance – you could go out in public and nobody would be any wiser!

Womens 'G Spot'

Whilst often tagged as something mysterious with a questionable existence, the female G-spot is very real and there are ways to use it for earth shattering orgasms. The G-spot is an incredibly sensitive area, yet like many erogenous zones, not everyone will be as stimulated by it as others. This is why its existence is often challenged – it is there, just no everyone has the same experiences with it.

It can be used to heighten orgasm much like stimulating the clitoris, and is located inside the front wall of the vagina. It can be stimulated through sex, or by using a sex toy designed to reach its spot. How deep inside it is varies from woman to woman, but you can easily try to find it using your fingers. As it is found on the front wall of the vagina, when lying down, your fingers should reach toward the ceiling, looking for more textured area of tissue, the other sides of this area will be much smoother, so once you come across some roughness, you have likely found it.

Its location is often hard to reach, especially when you have smaller fingers, so it is a great way for you and your partner to try some new fun and exciting things out. Toys are specially designed to find this region too, with many dildos and vibrators with a curved shape to their design to help estimate this harder to find spot. It can be linked with intense orgasm and even female ejaculation. Not everyone will find it as pleasurable as each other, yet you never really know until you try to find it!. 




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