Looking to add something new and exciting into the bedroom? Then why not try your hand with some erotic candles from SeriouslySensual. We’ve got a wide range of scented and edible candles that are sure to add some heat and passion into the bedroom!


Candles change your mood instantly

Candles have long been used to set the mood, and in many cases even used as a prop for some kinky fun and games. For instance, did you know that wax play is a component of BDSM, and quite a popular one at that! The process of wax play is pretty simple - pour wax over the body of your partner and watch as the slight burning sensation pleasures and excites. Of course, this is a rather advanced form of play, so we don’t recommend it for beginners, as the risk of getting hurt is quite high when done incorrectly.

Massage candles that are edible too.

However, we have the perfect solution to this problem - low temperature candle wax. We stock a range of erotic candles that have wax that burn at very low temperatures. This means you can pour an entire candles worth of wax over your partner without any chance of hurting them with burns or the like. In fact, most of the sex candles we stock are completely edible too! These edible candles also have wax that melts at very low temperatures, meaning not only can you coat your partner’s body with the wax, you can also eat up straight from their skin! This is incredibly kinky and so arousing that we guarantee it will go down a treat with your special someone, no matter who’s on the receiving end of the candle wax!

Try a massage candle from SeriouslySensual.co.uk, you won't regret it!

Of course, our sensual candles are also a great option for setting the mood. Nothing quite sets the atmosphere like an alluring scent, which is precisely what to expect form our massage candles! Simply choose your scent, light the candle, and watch as the perfect mood is set for a sensual night of fun. Many of our massage candles are also edible too! This means you can have a wonderful massage, enjoy the beautiful ambience, and then get down to some naughtiness with the same candle! Our candles also use natural ingredients to ensure they are completely safe for everyone, while you may even find they work a treat on your skin! So, be sure to try out one of our amazing erotic candles next time you’re looking for something new and exciting. They’re simple and safe to use, provide a whole lot of fun, and you can get quite a few uses out a single candle - talk about value for money!


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5 Item(s)

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