An erotic massage is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether giving or receiving, sharing such a sensual, intimate moment with someone is unlike most other types of foreplay - and it doesn’t even need to lead to sex to be enjoyable! As we’re big fans of giving sensual massages here at Seriously Sensual, we’ve a huge range of massage accessories for those intimate moments with your partner.

Massage oil is the most important ingredient

The most popular product for this is, of course, massage oil. Erotic massage oil is designed to feels smooth and silky as it glides across the skin and can also include various scents and sensations depending on the oil. Scented massage oils are a great option for anyone treating their partner to an erotic massage. They really help to set the mood by providing an alluring scent that makes the recipient of the massage hard to resist. An erotic massage is much more than just pleasuring your partner, it’s about setting the perfect ambience so other sensations, such as having your skin slowly massaged, feel even more tantalising. Using a scented massage oil is great because it also works other senses beyond touching, resulting in an incredibly sensual experience unlike anything else.

Buying products for an erotic massage

Again, there is no need to assume that a sexy massage must lead to intercourse - sometimes the pleasure gained from the massage is more than satisfying on its own. Of course, giving how arousing it is to use sexy massage oils, there is always a good chance an erotic massage will lead to a wild night of passion - which is certainly not a bad thing! Another exciting massage accessory is our collection of massage candles. Set the mood by lighting a candle during your massage, and then take things up a level by introducing the candle into your foreplay! Our massage candles are made entirely from natural ingredients, essentially working as edible massage oil! Simply light the candle, let the natural wax melt, pour onto the desired body, and enjoy removing it yourself!

Introducing the best selection of massage accessories online at SeriouslySensual.

These massage candles don’t melt at high temperatures and come in various flavours, not only making them safe to use and eat, but also very delicious! They work well when combined with an erotic massage, as you can really set the mode with the candles, work your massage magic, and then introduce the candles for some naughty foreplay. If you really like the idea of eating something tasty of your partner after or during a massage, then be sure to check out our body paints. These edible body paints come in various flavours, including chocolate, toffee, and strawberry, although they probably won’t taste as good as the person you’re eating them off! For a more intense erotic massage, why not try some of our warming massage oils and gels? These tingling massage oils offer a warming affect to the area of skin where they are applied, heightening the sensual massage experience to new found levels - most of them are edible too, making it perfect for kissing!


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