Looking to add some lubricants to your love life? Then look no further than SeriouslySensual, home to one of the best online lube collections in the entire UK! Sex and foreplay is certainly enjoyable, but you may be missing out on even more fun if you’ve yet to try adding lube into proceedings.


Lube makes for better foreplay

While not many people need lube for sex or foreplay, there are many instances where it’s made much more enjoyable with the simple introduction of some lube! We’ve got a personal lube for every type of situation you may find yourself in, whether it’s using lube with a sex toy, your partner, or both! In fact, we’re confident that any sexual activities you enjoy will be enhanced with the right lube, which is why we stock such a wide selection in the first place! Water based lubes are a great place to start. They don’t stain, are easy enough to clean off, and are suitable for most activities. Whether you’re masturbating, having sex, or enjoying some foreplay, adding some water-based lube into proceedings is sure to spice things up!


There are several varieties of lubricats on the market.

Silicone lubes are another great choice. They last much longer than a water-based lube, so are often better choice for sex. It’s worth remembering that silicone lube shouldn’t be used with silicone toys, so make sure to avoid buying this type of lube if using with your toys! Anal lubes are ideal for all manner of anal play, including toys and sex. A longer-lasting lube is often needed for anal play as it doesn’t produce a natural lube like the vagina, so be sure to consider this why buying your lube! Sensation lubes offer a nice tingling sensation throughout the body when applied. This is a great for all manner of fun, be it sex, masturbation, and espiecally foreplay. Slowing rubbing sensation lube across the body is a great way to build up some serious arousal, and we have various sensations on offer to suit all preferences.


Browse our collection of silicone, waterbased and oil lubes at SeriouslySensual.

Another great type of lube is flavoured lube, and we’ve got a few tasty flavours to choose from! These are a fine addition for some kinky foreplay, and the lubes offer a pleasant taste while you treat your partner. Scented lubes offer a different kind of stimulation, working your senses and leaving your partner smelling incredible. These are often massage gels and lubes, meaning you can use them for a sensual massage as well as other fun stuff - talk about versatile! No matter the occasion, there is nothing that adds instant fun and pleasure to the bedroom than a good lube. With so many great lubes to choose from, it’s easy for beginner’s and experienced users to find the perfect lube for their needs!

Check out our great collection of lubes at SeriouslySensual! We’ve got a lube for every occasion, so be sure to try one out soon - we guarantee you won’t regret it!


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